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This is not a dream to start your own social media marketing business like us. You can start your own SMM business with our child panel. Child panel price is only ₹1250/$15.5 per month. It can help you to sell services directly from your website to your customer.


Why I need a child panel?

This is hard to sell service manually to customer. If you have an own SMM panel like us it will reduce your time waste. Besides, it will give you an identity online and your customer can reach you at any time on the website and can buy service. Moreover, it will help you to get order 24 hours’ even if you are sleeping. It can help you to make money even when you are sleeping!


 What is child panel?

Child panel is website like Mysmmmarket. It will have every function same as our panel. It will be connected only with Mysmmmarket API.


 What is the cost of a child panel?

Child panel cost is only ₹1250 now per month. Again, this is a rental panel not lifetime so you must have to pay every month as long as you will use it.


Will I get free service if I buy child panel?

No, you will not. Panel and service is different thing. That ₹1250 is for panel / hosting / payment getaway, SSL certificate and other maintained cost. You have to buy service from our website.


How can I make profit from child panel?

This is so simple. If you buy a service at $1 from our website, you have to sell it with $1.50 or at any rate as you wish on your panel. So, from this order you can make $0.50 profit and that is it.


Can I get service discount if I buy child panel?

Unfortunately, no. Because we sell services at wholesale rate. Other panel is offering discount because their price is high. Check other panel price and our service price and you will get it. But still if your sale 500$+ per month then we can provide you additional discounts on services 


How can I buy a child panel?


This is very simple and fun. Please follow below steps:


1. First of all you need a domain. If you have a domain already you can use it. And if you don't have any domain you can buy a new domain from NameCheap/GoDaddy [reliable domain provider]. Domain cost is $1 - $12 per year.


2. Secondly, you need to change your domain DNS/Nameservers to ours. Please visit your registrar's dashboard to change name servers to:

Guide to change Change Domain Name Servers- 

Click Here [English] 

Click Here [Hindi]



3. Then log in to your Mysmmmarket account and Head to the Child Panel Page from Navigation Bar. Insert necessary information and place order.


Before ordering check your currency, by default it will be INR (Indian Rupees), make sure to change if you want your website with other currency.


4. Now sit back and relax. Our team will set up your panel in 30 Minutes to maximum 2 Hours.

5. After the panel is ready to use, you will receive and email from Our Team With your website Admin Dashboard Login Password.

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